Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Advent House as a New “Store”

Advent House, a home in Fairport serving people in their last stages of a terminal illness, has for years held a huge annual garage sale as a fundraiser.  With the sale becoming larger and more popular, Advent House has chosen to change things up a bit.  In lieu of the garage sale, they have opened an upscale resale shop named “Sweet Charity”.  The resale shop will provide year-round income to Advent House, as all proceeds will benefit Advent House.  Donations, in turn, will be sold out of the resale shop.  Hours for the resale shop are Wed. /Thurs. /Fri. /Sat. 10am-5pm; open until 7pm on Thursdays.

For those wishing to donate, Sweet Charity has chosen to gladly accept very specific items and most are house-hold related such as furniture, antiques and vintage, housewares, linens, decorative pillows, artwork, jewelry, frames, purses, small appliances, lamps. (Please see their FaceBook page the exact list:  They have chosen to pass on items such as clothing, tools, toys, televisions, sporting goods, craft items (again, please see FB page).  Donations in the very best of condition will be accepted up to one hour prior to store closing times.  No donations left at the store when it is closed, please.